Make It Fun – Catchy Commercial Music

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For advertising projects who want to be a part of the ukulele movement that is sweeping the commercial music world, look no further than this uplifting, fun, and catchy piece of stock music by Basspartout: Make It Fun.  Featuring a light-hearted, bouncing rhythm section along with clapping, glockenspiel, and guitars, this track is an instant crowd pleaser.

While possibly overdone since the iPod first came out, this emerging uke advertising genre  works particularly well with the tech crowd; particularly in gadgets and online shopping. The bouncy feel is happy-go-lucky and youthful, making it excellent for childrens project and family themed organizations looking to put a little pep in their step. Combine this royalty free music track with images of smiling children or puppies, and you’ve got an instant winner.

Electronic Love – Royalty Free Electronica Music


Looking for something with so much youthful energy, your commercial campaign might just explode? Look no further than Electronic Love by Robert Neary. This steadily moving electronica track screams modernity, progress and edginess, energy and fun. While the track’s description says chill and cool, 80s inspired synths carry a melodic line with a steady drum beat that carries energy and enthusiasm, similar to the style of Daft Punk, making it perfect when you need a production music track that sounds similar to Get Lucky, but can’t quite afford to pay for the rights of a big name artist. Powered by synths, bass, drum beats, and organs, this track is the perfect peice of royalty free music for commercials, movies, and corporate videos.

Whistle, Skip & Shuffle – Happy Go Lucky Commercial Production Music

Fresh Ears

If you’re putting together a children’s program, and need something catchy and fun, you might want to license Whistle, Skip & Shuffle by Fresh Ears Audio (music ID 402756 at  Great for advertising, this royalty free music track is bouncy, joyful and fun. A fun and catchy melody is whistled, and joined by music box and marimba harmonies. A shuffle drum beat tops adds motion and movement, with added clapping for extra fun.

It’s a great track to capture an upbeat image without resorting to ukeleles. We see this working equally well in pet commercials, animated spots for personal services and banking, as well as children’s media.  This fun advertising track is also available in 30 second and 15 second versions for maximu flexibility.

My Happy Commercial: Happy Royalty Free Music

UniqueSound at Productiontrax

Happiness is all the rage these days. We seek the perfect balance of work and play, rest and activity, spirituality and fun. It’s no wonder, then, that brands are looking for balanced yet fun ways to represent their brand.

Enter a commercial royalty free track like My Happy Commercial by UniqueSound. This track features positive and cheerful melodies and rhythms that put the joy back in your brand. Acoustic guitar, glockenspiel, piano, strings, bass guitar and upbeat drums all work together to evoke images of sunshine and lollipops, but in a professional way. Ever optimistic, you can pair this stock audio with product promos and presentations, or go straight for TV and radio commercials. It’s contemporary vibe makes it ideal for tech, though we see it working well in insurance ads, kids products, and even banking. It’s just that versatile.

Royalty Free Production Music for Christmas

If you’re a real over achiever, and you’re already getting ready for the Christmas holidays, and puting together your next Christmas advertising campaign (yeah, it’s really that time already), then start here with this 60-second Christmas production music track that will give you visions of dancing sugar plum faries and gingerbread houses.

Celebrate Christmas 60sec by Alec Makinson is an exciting, festive, and more importanly, original Christmas theme featuring some old-time favorites mixed and mashed into one merry and cheerful track. With sleighbells ringing and a childlike atmosphere, this soundtrack is perfect for use in infomercials, tv advertisement spots, PSAs, and even in your next church service video.  Download this one in full quality wav, or MP3, and have a merry Christmas!

Easy Does It – Simple Commercial Royalty Free Music

Easy Does It

Sometimes, the best thing you can do for your commercial ad spot is keep your soundtrack simple.  Selecting a catchy, clearly orchestrated, elegantly thought-out royalty free music track can do wonders for the power and delivery of your overall message.  Think of it this way, just like an uncluttered workspace can help you focus on your daily tasks, so can an uncluttered aural soundscape help focus your audience’s attention on your brand.

Consider a track like Easy Does It: a simple, catchy, lighthearted, and upbeat production music track that mimics the popular sound of Apple, Google, and Microsoft. Simple. Clean.  Familiar. Cutting edge. Progressive.  Rhythmic, yet laid back, this track is perfect for use in commercials and presentations, giving them that clean but down-home feel you’re looking for to promote your brand or product. You might also consider this track as underscoring for a romantic comedy or documentary.


Serious Technology – Classical Royalty Free Music for Commercials

Classical Royalty Free Music

When searching for royalty free music for your commercial production, it can often be advantageous for both your bottom line and your ROI to seek out unexpected styles and genres. One such unexpected genre is classical music. Whether it be symphonic, chamber orchestra, opera, or full out avant-garde, classical music can add a touch of class (excuse the pun) and sophistication to your commercial venture.  Consider United Airline’s usage of Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue during the 80′s and 90′s, for example, playing in their television spots, reminding everyone of the airline’s upper-class culture of flying in style.

In that vein, our track pick for this post is Serious Technology by Peter Jones.  This symphonic orchestra piece features foreboding and determined strings, with mingling clarinets. Arpeggios and percussion flutters set a high-tech feel, lending this track perfectly to commercials and documentaries. Clocking in at exactly 1 minute, it’s also the perfect length royalty free music track to accompany a television or radio campaign, while it is easily spliceable for shorter segments. Available in both WAV and MP3.

Lift Me Up – Royalty free pop music for commercials.

If you’re looking to switch it up for your next commercial project, then a royalty free pop music track might be the way to go. Whether you need something modern and effective, or you just need to grab your viewers’ attention, try Lift Me Up.

This is a melodic pop anthem that features a catchy hook.  Mixed with the familiar sounds of The Police and U2, this track has an uplifting spirit that makes it ideal for use in television and web video production.  The track starts off with a mellow groove and builds upward using rock guitar sounds. This royalty free music track stands at 2:31, a perfect length for a wide variety of multimedia projects.



Great expectations – Royalty Free Corporate Music Track

When you need something elegant and sophisticated (yet royalty-free), Great Expectations is the corporate music track for your project. Featuring dramatic orchestral strings, this production music track will help to highlight dynamic action and movement.  This track is generally ideal for commercial and corporate productions, and lends well to thrillers and suspense films, promotional videos, and tradeshow use.

Clocking in at 1:09, Great Expectations is the perfect length royalty free music track for compact projects, intros, and commercials. With its celebratory and determined vibe, you’ll feel a sense of action and motion, with an aftertaste of nostalgia and good times. Available for instant download in MP3 and WAV.

Royalty Free Commercial Background Music – Benji’s New Haircut

Benjis New Haircut

Remember the carefree days of summer with this funky, upbeat, and cheerful acoustic commercial background track. Featuring guitar and organ, this royalty free music track has a folky feel that will get your toes tapping.  With it’s strong beat and laid-back feel, this production music is perfect for advertising and commercial projects that need a down-home feel with a sense of wonder, adventure, and fun.

Both positive and inspirational, the urban elements of this song provide the perfect underscore for technology and web video, corporate and television spots. It’s bluesy and playful vibe lend perfectly to feature film as well. Available in WAV and MP3, this royalty free music track is a must download for any commercial project.